Etsy artist Sandy Ford creates Magnetic Personalized Paper Dolls that are personalized with your ugly mug. Sorry… that was rude of me. I’m just projecting my feelings about my own face onto you. The dolls come with 6 different outfits with accessories and hair styles to match. I’m ugly as sin, but I might give this a go. It sure looks like she gave Kevin, the dude here in the sample ad, a few favors. Jk, jk — Kev, you look great. I’m just sayin’ she didn’t include straw hanging out of your mouth in the final product. I’d love to see how she interprets my doofy head. I don’t even care if it’s attached a dude’s body, anything’s better than the sloopy mess I’ve got. Especially the butt region. It’s extra chunky back there :/

Be sure to peek at the rest of Sandy’s Personalized Paper Doll options at her etsy store.

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