This is the Pianobell. It replaces your doorbell with a couple of those ticklish ivories or whatever so visitors can play you a ditty when they arrive. Orrrr make Ding Dong Ditch all the more fun for the neighborhood kids who never cease to harrass me. I am NOT a witch! Other than shitty kids, the only people who ever come to my door is vacuum salesmen and the police. It wasn’t me — I have an alibi! I was home with my cats drinking boxed wine and watching reruns of Frasier. See? Not guilty!

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  1. Irene Jones

    I want the piano doorbell….where can I get one.

  2. Jenni Chasteen

    Hi Irene,

    Unfortunately it’s just a concept design.

  3. jo

    MAKE IT!!! I WANT IT!!! LOL 😀

  4. Random guy

    How much is it worth to you? I could potentially make one

  5. Christina

    Make it PLEASE!!!

  6. summer

    this is awesome where can I get one?

  7. Ray Mizzi

    I would like one of these.

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