If you have an iPhone or a Macbook then you’ve probably heard someone say “I bet you would buy a turd if it had the Apple logo on it, huh?” That’s disgusting and insulting. But an Apple toilet on the other hand… who wouldn’t want to own one of those? It would be twice as expensive as other toilets and you’d probably have to buy some kind of proprietary toilet paper, but man would it look sleek. Sarcastic artist Milos Paripovic dreamed up what the iPoo Toilet might look like and created a toilet concept that looks like an Apple logo. However, he (mockingly) insists that it’s not an Apple logo:

“Some people may think it looks like Apple logo, but I disagree. If you see Apple logo everywhere maybe you should see a psychiatrist and take a look at a few Rorschach inkblot cards. This is just the perfect shape for the toilet since it tightly fits the shape of a one’s bottom.”

Regardless of whether or not you really need an Apple branded toilet, it’s certainly better than using Windows in this case.

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Via: www.bitrebels.com