Next time you have to dress a wound why not dress it up? They say that laughter is the best medicine so why not cheer yourself up with a cool band-aid design the next time you get a cut or scrape? Besides, we can’t think of a better conversation starter than bacon bandages. Check out these incredible bandages designs that will help you cover up your pain with a smile.

Incredibly Awesome Bandage Designs

Comic Strip Bandages

Holy Band-Aids Batman! The Comic Strip Bandages provide your cuts and bruises with an exiting action-packed back story fit for a super hero. Comic fight sound effects like POW! BAM! AAARGH! and WHAAM! in bright comic book lettering let everyone know what kind of hero (or geek) you really are.

Bacon Bandages


Bacon Bandages

Bacon really does go great on everything. We love bacon so much that we’re not just putting it on everything we eat, but now we’re putting it on our cuts and scratches. Bacon Bandages look just like strips of raw, dripping bacon and are a great way to cover up those bacon grease burns and remind you that anything is worth enduring for that delicious breakfast meat.

Incredibly Awesome Bandage Designs

Crime Scenes Bandages

If we’ve learned anything from America’s favorite serial killer Dexter it’s that the best way to hide is in plain site. Just like no one suspects a blood spatter analyst who works for the police, no one expects a guy who jokingly wear Crime Scene Bandages. These 25 sterile bandages look like police tape with “Crime Scene Do Not Enter” stamped across them and let everyone know how harmless you are… a guy who wears such funny band-aids couldn’t ever hurt a fly, right?

Incredibly Awesome Bandage Designs

Leather Band-Aids

If you’re not impressed with the kids stuff and would rather bleed out than risk not looking like a tough guy then you’re probably kind of a tool. Nevertheless there’s a band-aid for you. Leather band-aids don’t just blend in with your skin or cover it up will silly pictures. These black leather bandages might match your leather jacket but at $18 for 3 might they might make you reconsider how many fights you start at the bar.

Incredibly Awesome Bandage Designs

T-Bone Steak Beef Bandages

Despite the cliché you’ve seen on TV it’s never a good idea to put raw meat on a black eye. Aside from all of the E coli, it’s a perfectly good waste of delicious steak. But if you can’t resist the goofy visual then you can at least put a big T-bone on your cuts and bruises. Beef bandages that come with 3 large 3″ bandages as well as 10 smaller T-bones.

Incredibly Awesome Bandage Designs

Art School Bandages

In art sometimes your mistakes end being a good thing… and maybe that’s true about life in general. Maybe there really is such a thing as a happy accident. For example if you hadn’t got that paper cut you couldn’t have covered it with one of these Art School bandages and that cute art student you’ve been seeing around campus would have never come up to you to ask you where to get such cool band-aids. Just like a real artist, these bandages let you put a positive spin on your pain.

Incredibly Awesome Bandage Designs

Duct Tape Bandages

You really can use it for anything… Just about the only thing tougher than bandages made of leather are bandages made of duct tape. Not just a novelty, duct tape bandages stay on longer, protect your cuts with heavy duty duct tape and keep the wound sealed better than regular band-aids. They’re also a good substitute for anyone allergic to latex. As cool as these bandages may be, couldn’t you just pick up some gauze and a roll of duct tape instead?

Incredibly Awesome Bandage Designs

Tattoo Bandages

If you think you’ll pass out before the needle ever hits your skin then maybe getting inked isn’t for you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sport a badass tat of your own. In fact maybe you’ll get used to the idea of associating pain with tattoos thanks to these cool tattoo bandages and eventually work up the courage to get a real one.

Incredibly Awesome Bandage Designs

Make Your Own-ages

What are the coolest bandages ever? The ones you make yourself obviously. Make Your Own-ages bandages include 20 bandages and 3 markers so you can draw your own cool designs (may we suggest ninjas riding dinosaurs?) Use them to cover up your pain, or as a fun fashion accessory (just remember to practice wincing so no one suspects that you’re a faker).

Incredibly Awesome Bandage Designs

Bling Bandages

Now here’s a bandage that’s fit for a pimp. When you lose a tooth, you don’t just go to the dentist crying like a punk—you replace that shiz with a gold tooth. And when a bitch scratches you with dem long ass nails you don’t just slap a band-aid on it—you bling it. Bling Bandages cover up your cuts and scratches and show everyone how classy you are.

Incredibly Awesome Bandage Designs

Ninja Bandages

We don’t care if you’re 5 or 35, Ninja bandages are freaking awesome. You might not have to be a black belt to get your hands on them but they’ll certainly help you get through your martial arts training in style. The only thing that could possibly be cooler than Ninja bandages would be pirates vs ninjas bandages.

Incredibly Awesome Bandage Designs

Boo Boo Kisses Bandages

Nothing heals a wound better than a kiss and that hasn’t changed since we were 6 and bruised our knees. But if you don’t have a woman in your life to kiss it and make it better then you’ll just have to settle for the Boo Boo Kisses Bandages. These sticky lips might not be a replacement for the real deal, but they’ll at least keep you covered in the meantime.

Incredibly Awesome Bandage Designs

Teen-ages Boy Bandages

Everyone knows that wounds are cool and will get you girls, but they have to be properly cared for. See, chicks dig wounds because they want to comfort a guy in pain and they all secretly love bad boys, but they’re not really into puss-covered bloody wounds themselves… it’s more about the concept. That’s why you gotta keep ’em covered and you might as well use cool skulls and flames to do it. No matter how old you are Teen-ages Boy Bandages are pretty awesome.

Incredibly Awesome Bandage Designs

Monster Bandages

If you think pain is scary, then check out the Monster Bandages. You’ll be on the path to recovery rather than rotting like a mummy thanks to these 12 adhesive bandages. Besides, you really outta cover up those wounds right away if you don’t want to attract any blood suckers. Just in time for Halloween, all of the classic movie monsters are here including Frankenstein, Wolfman, Dracula and the Mummy.

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