As much as we admire sculptures made of stone and clay, there’s something incredible about sculptures made of everyday items. Some artists chose to make sculptures out of recycled items in order to create less waste and promote recycling, while others simply find inspiration in unusual places. Whatever the reason, we love when artists take ordinary things and make them extraordinary. Here are some of our favorite incredible sculptures made using everyday items.chewing gum sculpturesChewing Gum SculpturesMaurizio Savini must have saved a lot of gum under his desk to have enough to make so many amazing chewing gum sculptures.Barack Obama Hair SculptureBarack Obama Hair SculptureHuang Xin welcomed President Obama to China with 4 kilograms of hair in his image.Hubcap SculpturesPtolemyHubcap SculpturesPtolemy Elrington gathers old hubcaps and turns them into marvelous metal monsters.Cardboard SculpturesChrisCardboard SculpturesChris Gilmour used to make cardboard sculptures out of only white, unmarked cardboard, but eventually came to love showing off the medium for what it is.Toy SculpturesRobert BradfordToy SculpturesRobert Bradford turns what he calls mini uncredited pieces of art into huge toy sculptures.Coat Hanger GorillaCoat Hanger GorillaDavid Mach must have a pretty expensive dry cleaner bill to have enough hangers to create this massive coat hanger gorilla sculpture.Kitchen Utensil SkullSubodh GuptaKitchen Utensil SkullSubodh Gupta cooked up this giant skull sculpture out of dinner plates, pots, whisks, and other kitchen utensils.Electronic dinasourElectronic Parts Animal SculpturesAnna Smith gives broken and outdated electronic parts a new life as beautiful animal sculptures that don’t need to function to be valuable.ElectronicTrash SculpturesBernard Pras makes piles of trash that from most angles look like he’s just another litterbug, but when you look at them just right you see masterpieces.Landry Detergent DinosaurRichardLandry Detergent DinosaurRichard Coy created the dump dinosaur as part of a project organized by Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s art department and the Indiana County Recycling Center focused with the theme “animals in your trash.”Paper SculpturesPaper SculpturesPeter Callesen not only sculpts out of regular sheets of paper, but somehow makes remarkable silhouettes out of what he didn’t use. Nothing is wasted—it’s all part of the art.Plastic Water Bottle Jelly FishMiwa KoizumiPlastic Water Bottle Jelly FishMiwa Koizumi created some unusual pet jellyfish and other sea creatures out of plastic bottles, resulting less trash that ends up in the ocean.

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  1. Used Drum Sets

    Wow, those are some amazing sculptures. I wonder if someone had to chew up all the gum or if they had some sort of machine to do it…

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