This is actually a real thing — a hairbrush with 8 inches of hair already attached to it. I’m… just gonna file this one under ‘WTF Products’ and try to forget about it ASAP. Why would a hairbrush need to come with hair already attached? Because there’s a pretty easy DIY trick I know that gets hair in a hairbrush. And it’s free! It’s called “Brush Your Hair With A Hairbrush.” Trust me, it works every time. I used a hairbrush once (and only once) and half my mane ended up in the bristles. I claim it’s because I got weak follicles, but you and I both know it’s because even my own hairs don’t want to be anywhere near me. And I don’t blame em :/

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  1. Hughhh

    If anyone on this planet spends 275 US dollars on a stupid novelty item, I’d like to request that they donate a minimum of $500 to St. Judes..or any reputable charity. Live your life, and enjoy the finer things how ever you’d like. But wasting that amount of money on something This obnoxious..just can’t feel good.