Here at IT, we see a lot of super impressive stuff on a daily basis. So you might say I’m a little hard to impress. It’s hard to knock my socks off, ’cause I’ve seen it all! No really, I’ve been to the bottom of the internet and back and I have the mental and emotional trauma to prove it. But every once in a while an artist will come along with something that reminds me of my severe ineptitude blows my mind right out of the back of my damn head and I’m left scrambling on the floor trying to find it. John Pusateri is one of those artists. This is a series of owl portraits he drew, NOT photographs. He made these with his hands. Plus pencils! And charcoal! Also, pastels! Sure they look just like photos, but they’re not. Just see for yourself! And try not to fade into a crippling depression when you come to grips with how painfully untalented you really are. Haha, sorry — there I go projecting my feelings again!

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