This untitled series is made up of over-sized furniture created by Artist Robert Therrien. The art pieces measure over ten feet tall and are currently showing at the Lifelike exhibit. Robert explains his inspiration:

The artist’s point of view – from the small world – could be viewed as a large ges­ture- publi­cally. The prac­tice is cre­at­ing some­thing both large and small. Pub­li­cally, Table and Chairs is per­ceived as a big object, where it actu­ally orig­i­nated from a small detail-a corner bracket sup­port­ing the table leg. Instead of crawl­ing under­neath and pho­tograph­ing an actual table in order to see it, why not shrink your­self and take a normal snapshot?”

Thanks Robert! Because I’m far more apt to show up at an art exhibit to experience standing under a giant table than to expect me to actually crawl under a regular-size table. I got a bad back. Plus I’m lazy!

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