Buxxxer is a line of absurdly adorable vibrators designed by Madeindreams and made by Kokoro (NOT to be confused with KooKooRoo, an okay restaurant in my neighborhood that’s currently being replaced by a Chipotle which I’m pretty excited about). There are three models to choose from, each more cute and strangely named than the last: Woody, Geena, and Clitt. Ooooookay, that last one is a little too obvious for my tastes. They could’ve gone with Vagine, G-Sput, Vulvo, Fruntt Butt, but they decide to go with Clitt? Come oooooon, people, use your imaginations!

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  1. Sex Toys

    I would be afraid my kids would start playing with them after they have been used haha. Cute vibrators though very discreet.

  2. Joel

    Do the facial expression correspond to their specific intended use?

  3. Sex Toys

    These little vibrators are so cute and quite different than the average vibrator.

  4. vibrators

    I would be afraid my kids would find these and start playing with them. HAHA

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