Juuust as I suspected: after all these years hopping from job to job, vacationing on a whim, dating the same chump and buying anything she lays her big blue eyes on, Barbie’s lifestyle has finally caught up with her. Here’s her once fancy and enviable home, designed and shot by Carrie M Becker in a series called Barbie Trashes Her Dreamhouse. Carrie put together the scenes using dollhouse miniatures, tiny trinkets and many hand made items. Wow, Barbie — you have a serious f***ing problem. Do you really need all those grocery sacks? And every one of the cute outfits and accessories I’ve bought for you over the years, this is how you treat them? Just strewn about the ole Dreamhouse Dumphouse. Looks like they moved in using a removals company and didn’t unpack! Where do you even sleep at night? Your bed is covered in doodads and knickknacks. I bet this whole time when you’re having your BBQ pool parties in the backyard, your friends never once suspected that inside your beautiful mansion, you live in squalor. Poor Skipper, if she knew about this she’d have a meltdown. (She’s sensitive.)

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  1. MnDina

    OMG! I am an avid miniaturist and this is absolutely the most f-ing incredible, fantastic thing I have ever seen! Carrie, you are a goddess to me. It’s going to be hours before I can stop looking at these photos…

  2. Mesnard

    It takes quite the mind to make a meticulous mess in miniature. Thanks for posting the story. It gave me a quick laugh…though I wonder if there’s some cleaner under the sink in the Dream House.

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