Don’t complain about the city’s infestation of hipsters—do something about it. Some upstanding citizens have taken it upon themselves to lay hipster traps throughout New York City in hopes to keep the hipster population under control. The traps are set with cliché hipster paraphernalia like Pabst Blue Ribbon, American Spirits, a bike chain and pink Wayfarer sunglasses. Obviously cooler hipsters have moved on to obsessing over even more obscure and ironic things… of course in order to know anything more specific about hipster trends would actually make you a hipster. Darn those crafty hipsters!

This strange stunt is the brainchild of Jeff Greenspan and Hunter Fine who plan to create more Urban Traps that target different subcultures. Look out next for Snooki wannabes stuck in Bridge & Tunnel traps featuring hair gel, spray tan, gold chains and Path Train tickets.

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