Artist Daisuke Akiyama created a way to make bubble wrap not as fun to pop. How could that even be possible? Also: MONSTER! He designed a panel of bubble wrap printed with tiny goldfish. That’s pretty messed up! But you know what? I’d still pop every last one of them regardless of the fishies and the fact that the sound scares the you-know-what out of my dog. Poop. I’m talking about poop. Which, actually, might be the one thing you could put inside of bubble wrap that might prevent me from trying to pop it. Aw hell, who am I kidding? I’d still do it! It’s such a satisfying feeling.

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Via: Neatorama


  1. CHRISTeL::❤'s::YOU!

    Would I pop it if their were real goldfish in them? hell no, and anyone who would is pretty pathetic….but since I dont think we have to worry about such a thing anytime soon, Ill ignore how stupid this idea is.

  2. Maridan Valor

    I wouldn’t pop it. I’d frame it, so cute. I love the goldfish design.