Some DIY projects should actually be called DDIE projects—as in “Don’t Do It Ever.” You can decide for yourself which category Bezalel grad Shelly Simcha’s “Lint” project falls into. Simcha took dryer lint given to her from random people and turned it into fabric that she used to make garments and blankets fit for a hobo or cat lady on a budget. According the the designer, “Each patch has its own DNA.” Like, literally, there’s DNA in there from hair, skin flakes, and probably bodily fluids (’cuz blood stains are a real bitch to get out in the wash).

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  1. Laura Valera

    I like it. We recycle plastic, paper, cartons, and clothes, why not lint? I like the vest very much. Kuddos to the fashionista with a vision – Shelly Simcha.

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