If you saw an ant on one of your dishes, would you brush it off and keep using it, or would that be the end of your meal? What if there were a bunch of ants and you couldn’t brush them off? German artist Evelyn Bracklow designed a set of porcelain dishware that’s covered with tons of little hand-painted ants. The artist was inspired by a real plate covered with real ants and she wanted to recreate that mix of disgust and fascination that comes from watching ants steal food. She’s right—ants can be kind of fun to watch… assuming you’re outside and you’re the one who knocked the other kid’s ice cream cone out of his hand and not the other way around.





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  1. daniela

    I wat it!

  2. Terry

    love this, where can I get the set?

  3. Chris Knopf

    Would really like to have some of these to go with my cockroach covered coffee mug.

  4. Thomas Green

    I google’s her name and the second listing was her Etsy shop

  5. Thomas Green

    http://www. etsy. com/shop/ LAPHILIE

    If you type this into your browser you’ll get her site