I am all about recycling gift bags. If I receive a present in a pretty paper bag, it gets folded up (with the tissue paper) and saved for my next gift. This used to be called being cheap, now it’s pleasantly referred to as being eco-friendly or green. Huzzah! This video shows cheapskates like me how to turn an ordinary envelope into a small, but charming gift bag. Of course, this means everyone needs to stop writing the recipients name along the front of them. Otherwise, I’m just wasting a perfectly good envelope…

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  1. Joanne O'Brien

    What a great idea! I have made bags before out of cloth and out of paper but never out of an envelope. Years ago I went to some of our local stores that sold cards and asked if they had any envelopes that didn’t have cards, well, I was given several boxes FULL of all sizes of envelopes with I stored until I could use them. They are all sizes and some are too large to use for the cards I make. Finally I now can recycle them into beautiful gift bags. Can’t wait to show my friends! Thanks for inspiring me.