This is a series of the Disney Princes stripped down to their skivvies and showing off their goods. The artist responsible is David Kawena, who I hope can answer a few of my questions. Why does Hercules have a curly nip? Did we have to include Tarzan’s pubes? It’s uh… very foresty. Which I guess is kinda appropriate since duder is from the jungle. I see what you did there, so I’ll give you a pass. But for real, doesn’t it seem like there’s a new Disney Princess/Prince series every single day? And the internet just eats it up! We can’t stop and we won’t stop. Let me be the first to say I hate myself for saying that, but I will not take it back. No regrets! Just kidding, all the regrets. But isn’t that what alcohol is for? Drowning the memories, cleaning the slate.
















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  1. Kathryn O'Connor

    No Mowgli?

  2. Karla Gustafson

    Mowgli is a child, if you want to see that, you must be a pedophile…

  3. Karla Gustafson

    The Peter Pan is already disturbing to me…

  4. Becca

    ya except Peter Pan is centuries old.

  5. childcarepro

    all manscaped?

  6. Kathryn O'Connor

    Not hardly. Mowgli grew into a man and at the end, he was with a human female which is not a childish thing so you may stop calling me names. I eat pedophiles (and people who lash out on the net wrongly)

  7. Dana Corby

    Yawn. They all look like Blue Boy centerfolds.

  8. Tii Newton

    Here comes the smoulder!

  9. Gypsy

    These are so cool! I’m drooling and incoherent.

  10. Chandra G

    Oh! You broke my smoulder!

  11. JP

    This is just stupid.

  12. nomi209

    Mowgli is 11 years old. He’s still 11 by the end of the film. No judgement, but I completely agree with leaving him out. Peter Pan is already pushing it.

  13. JuniorCJ82

    Just because they’re nice drawings in awkward poses means they’re centerfolds in a gay porn magazine? I don’t see it.

  14. threenorns

    i love them … i’d love them even more had a clue who 3/4 of them are.

    the peter pan one: i would seriously put that on my wall. the sheer life in that face is incredible!

  15. NOOO!!!

    some frustrated idiot, messing with a bunch of kids’ fav characters. That’s what happens when you grow up; (of course, exceptions apply – we’re not all sick) you wanna mess not only your own world, but that of your kids too. SHAME! :-(

  16. Jillian Renee Brosius

    Jason Scott Lee plays Mowgli in the live version of The Jungle Book and he is far from 11 years old. It is still a Disney movie, so feel free to draw him!

  17. threenorns

    does this look like an 11yr old to you? do try to keep up with the times, willya?

  18. threenorns

    i think it’s fantastic: the body is completely extraneous because of the sheer life and personality in the face.

  19. Elisa

    Please stop this
    . First Princess with beards,now Disney guys half naked.

  20. Traum Tänzerin

    Who ist that under Peter Pan ?!

  21. nomi209

    Seems like the artist is focusing on classic Disney animated features, not shitty live-action remakes. The Jungle Book is a 1967 Disney classic based on the novel by Rudyard Kipling, in which Mowgli is 10 or 11 years old. For all I know, the artist has done a “sexy” version which just wisely wasn’t included here. But why would anyone want to “sexify” Jason Scott Lee? That seems fairly pointless.

  22. Melwende

    Disturbing on so many levels. :o

  23. ConfusedGirl

    I didn’t recognize half of these characters. WTF.

  24. Keith

    I’m having a little trouble finding my eyeballs. They popped out of my head and rolled under my desk. Now I’m sexually frustrated AND blind. Well done.

  25. Angela Sissel

    To those hating on the artist: let’s see your skills! When you can draw even half as well as this artist did then you can gripe and have a valid point.

  26. Lilian

    Where is the Prince (Adam) from Beauty and the Beast????

  27. Susan Wood

    Tom of Finland was a Disney illustrator? Who knew?

  28. Joe Zhu

    Lost it at Kuzco.

  29. T.J.

    Great job! Love Tarzan and Flynn!!

  30. Fally


  31. james


  32. murphy

    well, i’ve seen porn and this isn’t it.

  33. Once Upon A Time

    They missed all the original princes. Prince Florian (Snow white); Prince Charming or Henry (Cinderella); Prince Phillip (Sleeping beauty); Prince Adam or The Beast (Beauty and the Beast); and then Prince Naveen (Princess and the Frog)

  34. Letasha Rose

    I love Hercules’ spiral nipples lol. Completes his whole look.

  35. Samantha Nicole Wallace

    I agree, Peter pan never grows up, unless you think Hook, where Robin Williams plays pan, but I don’t want to see that. >.< Anyways, where's the actual princes? These are just… guys in disney movies.

  36. Samantha Nicole Wallace

    But he’s depicted as a young boy. It’s not how old he is, it’s how old he looks, and he looks like a boy. 14 tops.

  37. Samantha Nicole Wallace

    Really, half? there are only 2 that I don’t know.

  38. Samantha Nicole Wallace

    The only ones I don’t know are the 10th and the 16th. From top to bottom, for those that don’t know, prince Eric little mermaid, Aladdin, David from lilo and stitch, Hercules, Jim Hawkins treasure planet, John smith, Kocoum Pocahontas, Milo Thatch Atlantis, Phoebus hunchback of notre dame, don’t know the 10th, Shang Mulan, Tarzan, Thomas Pocohontas, Kuzco emperors new groove, Peter pan, and then whoever the last one is. If anyone knows who the two I don’t know are, fill em in. Oh and Someone commented with Flynn from Tangled.

  39. Lady Cortes

    I LOVE Kuzco and my ultimate favorite is Eric :)
    Aladdin doesn’t look like Aladdin to me though, which is sad since he is my #1 Disney man haha

    and to all the people saying this disturbing and pervered, shut up you prudes.

  40. allie

    Prince phillip is #10

  41. Charlie

    Yea but dont tell me you didnt like it just a little tiny bit! ;-)

  42. Amber Luttrell

    the last one is John Henry

  43. yw84fun

    I believe that he is the prince from Sleeping Beauty. I had to Google it. The guys from the old Disney movies all look the same, unless they’re depicted as a centaur or something.

  44. guest124935

    Wow, I feel dirty for just looking at these. Never have I wanted to fuck Peter Pan until now xD

  45. lady9374

    “Stop”? Are you insane? Let’s see ’em all oily ;)

  46. prince erick is so hot


  47. Jay Pod Thomson-Scott

    These are really Cool x

  48. mizz-agie

    Geez… is it just me or is it hot in hurrrr?!