It seems every day the Disney Princesses are dressed up as something new. But why do the ladies get to have all the fun? Because after centuries of oppression, can’t we have this one thing?!?! Sorry, sorry — what I meant to say is, now the Disney duders are getting in on the party. This is a series of the mens dressed up as other characters by artist Isaiah Stephens, who previously drew up these Disney Princesses in Halloween costumes. I know Halloween was last week, but who says you can’t wear a costume all year round? Well, that all depends on what your costume is. If you’re a fairy or a pumpkin or whatever, sure. But an axe murderer or psychotic clown? That’ll land ya right in the slammer. Trust me. I learned my lesson the hard way.








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  1. Amanda

    Not sure who some of the Disney boys are…Jack Sparrow, Sam and Dean, and Johnny Bravo all have me scratching my head…

  2. Samantha Clysdale

    The Hulk, Ash catchem, Harry potter, Link and Indiana Jones.