People invest in gorgeous handmade chess sets, so a designer Scrabble board makes perfect sense. Designer Andrew Clif­ford Capener agrees. In an effort to to revive an old, but loved game, he also wanted to excite peo­ple about typogra­phy by giv­ing them the abil­ity to choose what font their scrab­ble set would come in. The concept set would be avail­able in the font of your choice or with an assorted font pack. Addi­tional font packs (includ­ing your favorite font) would be ordered through Scrabble’s web­site. The scrab­ble board and inte­rior box are made out of solid wal­nut, and the exte­rior box is made from birch. Each of the 6 board pieces is mag­ne­tized to fit together per­fectly and each piece slides nicely into its respec­tive slot in the box and is secured by inte­rior mag­nets as well. The inte­rior of the exte­rior box as well as the bot­toms of the 6 board pieces are lined with cork, to pro­tect them while in use.

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