Despite what you’ve seen at Grandma’s house, handmade quilts don’t have to look hideous. Yeah, it’s kinda sweet that your mother and her mother and her mother (etc, etc) each sewed some scraps of fabric to a 100 year old blanket to commemorate their journey into womanhood or whatever. But that still doesn’t mean it’s something you want to put in your home, like where people can see it. When you finally inherit that awful blanket you can layer it on your bed underneath one of these gorgeous David Bromley quilts. Made from vintage fabrics Bromley has collected over his life (perhaps the only similarity it shares with Grandma’s quilt), the quilts feature his signature artwork.

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  1. Siobhan Rogers

    I love David Bromley’s quilts and I own one – but I don’t think you know what quilts look like or you have a mother and grandmother with incredibly bad taste ………

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