I don’t know many adults that wear band-aids. Which is a wonder to me, because how do they heal their cuts, bruises, scrapes and burns? And don’t even try to tell me that band-aids don’t have healing powers — when I get an ouchie I slap on an adhesive and let that shit fester for a few weeks. By the time I take it off, sure, my skin is a little on the gangrenous side, but the original wound is gone! These are Brandages, designer inspired band-aids. I imagine they’re marketed to get grown ups to wear band-aids again. I mean, if Louis Vuitton or Gucci can’t get adults to wear em, who the heck can?! You’re right: probably the lady in the ad below sporting a Brandage on her boobie.

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  1. faiza

    How do i order your band aids ? pls can i know

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