Dad and Flickr-er David LaFerriere has been drawing awesome illustrations on his kids’ sandwich bags since 2008. That’s cool David, but I’ve been squirting the mustard in the shape of a happy face when I make a bologna sandwich since my whole life. Of course, this is a bologna sandwich I make for myself. Because I have no children. Unless you count cats! As it turns out, the IRS does NOT, which is why I got in deep troubs when I claimed them all as dependents. Still hacking away at that debt! And by “hacking away at” I obviously mean “hiding from.” They say de Nile isn’t just a river in Egypt, but I’ve definitely considered relocating there. The tax man will never find me!












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  1. GothicGourdGirl

    Best one is definitely “Dino Dan”. I like it when he incorporates the actual food as playing a part in the drawing. But, will Dan eat it, or freak out, knowing his Dad finally figured out it was him hiding the controls to the TV. I’m thinking this is a creepy, albeit cryptic message hidden in such a cute gesture, such as “You have buried the remote in the pillow cushions one too many times, Dino Dan…and this is what happens to dinos if DAD is playing ‘King of the Sandwich!”

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