Every time I wear geeky garb out of the house, I get mad attention from the mens. Particularly the kinda guys with stank B.O. and severe mommy issues. Buy some damn antiperspirant (plain ole deodorant does not cut it!) and try weening your hour long phone chats with mom down to like every other day. Is that so much to ask? Now what was I saying? These sexy Star Wars pumps are completely customizable and hand-painted by Etsy seller Jilliann Silva. Holler at her and get one before they’re gone like Alderaan!

Visit Jillian’s Etsy Store to see tons more amazing examples of her handy work.

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Via: style.icanhascheezburger.com

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  1. KParker

    Excellent and hilarious writing! I enjoyed your blurb even more than the photo of the shoes! (Headed over Etsy now!)

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