I used to think there was nothing creepier than taxidermists—not even gravediggers or morticians because at least those jobs deal with death in a way that doesn’t involve displaying the deceased like a piece of furniture. But Amsterdam-based sculptor Cedric Laquieze has invented a whole new level of creepy with these decorated animal skeletons. He takes animal skeletons and covers them with fake flowers so they can be remembered forever as terrifying—yet oddly delicate—monsters. He uses the flowers, not only as decoration but to replace features that are no longer present like ears and whiskers.

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  1. Mary

    Taxidermy isn’t about making furniture out of death, its about bringing new life to a beautiful animal that is deceased. Most who do it for fun use roadkill or animals found dead, so they are essentially they are immortalizing an animal that would be rotting off the side of a road. I think the artist who coated these skeletons with flowers is brilliant and to me, takes the creepiness down a notch from normally plain bones.

  2. SH

    Creepy? I think it’s amazing.

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