Let’s be honest here. If your couches have cup holders built into them, you can’t possibly be proud of your interior design skills. Your couch is definitely fugly. Keep the stadium-style decor out of the living room and behold the Couch Arm Wrap. These attractive and unassuming wood pieces give you just the right amount of lazy, but you can hide them away when your design-minded friends drop by. Each one is custom made for your couch, arm chair or ottoman and makes a fantastic surface for a drink or laptop.


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Via: www.betterlivingthroughdesign.com


  1. Jackson

    I’m sorry my friend, but these are fugly also. They look like wood laminate and not real wood. They clash, too. And is that the damn price? $250. I don’t know about this one. You’d be better off to strap a cupholder to your head if you want to guzzle so badly while watching horrid reality television. Of course, I have no particularly intense feelings about it either way lol.

  2. Dani

    How is this $250….