Bookniture is a coffee table book that folds out to make a coffee table. It’s not super big, but it can support up to 375 so it can also function as a seat or just stack crap on it once your junk drawer gets full. I don’t know, I’m not trying to live your life for you! The possibilities are endless. The project has already reached its Kickstarter goal, so if you contribute $60 or more, you’re guaranteed to receive one for your very own. Do you want one? I can’t say for certain. Again, not your life coach. I’ve got my own problems to figure out. Like, who’s going to drive me to Taco Bell for lunch? C’mon! I’ll throw you some gas money and buy you a gordita.






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Via: Gizmodo

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  1. huh?

    ummmm didnt cosmo kramer come up with this idea years ago?