There’s no question that the standard of beauty has changed quite a bit since Botticelli’s day. Soft bellies, modest bosoms and round thighs have been replaced by flat stomachs, breast augmentation and skinny legs. Regardless of your thoughts on the subject, it’s pretty strange to see Venus get the same Photoshop treatment that a Victoria Secret model might get. Italian artist Anna Utopia Giordano edited (and updated) 12 famous nude paintings of Venus to fit in with today’s standard of beauty. The new versions look a lot more sexual than the originals, but it seems fitting when you remember that they were considered pretty damn sexy at the time.

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  1. Erin

    “The new versions look a lot more sexual than the originals” – How? Are you saying that skinny women with no thighs are sexier than the curvy women in the paintings? Please explain your comment.

  2. Maribeau

    Jeez, the photo shopped ones look like they have a disease or are sickly…..

  3. The Real Cie

    Why are they messing with classic art? So they can make the bodies depicted in these timeless pieces look like what the fahion industry in modern society deems appropriate? Ridiculous! Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Leave these masterpieces alone!

  4. Jenni Chasteen


    I think it’s a matter of perception. We’re used to seeing the classics as tasteful examples of the human body. The altered versions however are made to match the modern idea of what is considered sexy. I don’t think that skinny women are sexier than curvy women, and that wasn’t even my point. The way that women are Photoshopped today isn’t even realistic and it’s all an attempt to make the models look even sexier by mainstream standards(larger/perkier breasts, flatter stomachs, etc). I simply meant that seeing these paintings (which most people have always found to be tasteful) edited in the same way Victoria’s Secret models (who are meant to be seen as sexual) might be edited, is kind of shocking and it suddenly seems far more about the sex appeal than the natural beauty of the female form.

    Thanks for your comment. I hope that clarifies my original statement.

  5. Preet Insan

    …i think that not only the skinny women are so sexier….is only the natural beauty ……..which is also present in curvy women….well clasical painting , i like so much.:)