Anyone who has ever tried to dress up their cat knows first hand that it’s generally not a wise thing to do. Learn from your mistakes (the scars serve as good reminders) and don’t try it again—at least not on your own or without heavy tranquilizers. One time I tried to put a dress on my cat Miko, but he didn’t really like it (I guess pink’s not his color) and he managed to knick a major artery. (I’m sure it was an accident!) I woke up a few days later in ICU with an awesome new scar and a super cute Cats in Clothes post card. (The other cat ladies on the message board are so thoughtful!) So now instead of collecting cats (I’m up to 27 so far!) I’ve been collecting prints, note cards and tote bags from Heather Mattoon’s shop. They’re purrrfect for my cat themed decor, but I can’t help but wonder how she gets her cats to sit still for so long while she paints…

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