Artist and Tumblr-er Celeste Pille imagines popular cartoon characters from the 90s as grown ups. Her illustrations cover Pepper Ann, all the Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, even the students from The Magic School Bus. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any Doug or Captain Planet, but I’m not one to complain. Actually I am one to complain, but never one to do anything about it. I’m basically all that’s wrong in the world!











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  1. Butters

    Grown up Helga looks like the Orphic “Oxtra – Skeletons Having Sex on a Tin Roof” Girl

  2. Allan


  3. Steve

    This makes me very angry.

  4. Stephanie

    My question: how did Arnold’s head shape change so much? Did he get corrective surgery?

  5. dave

    I’m sorry, but this is just awful. It’s mean to say that about somebody’s work, and to put the effort in to type it to someone makes it harsher…but…I feel compelled to say how bad this is, if only to make sure that this sort of opinion is one of the opinions that people will read here.
    This isn’t a dig on your skills, and I am trying to not be harsh, but what the fuck were you thinking. I know I was just harsh right then but really, what the fuck. So you chose similar colours in the clothing of the cartoon characters and your visualization of them as adults, are you joking? Why did you bother I dont get it. Maybe I shouldn’t be typing anything for that exact reason, because i don’t get it. But seriously. I DONT GET WHAT THE FUCK YOU WERE THINKING.

    Apologies for being rude and swearing and the like, but at least i’m not as much as a cunt as these drawings.
    I just…….why?

  6. Peter

    Wow…they look nothing like the cartoon characters. I don’t see any resembling at all and they all look like hipsters.

  7. Steve

    These are awful

  8. Jay

    @dave Why not?

  9. Cliffy D

    Why do they all grow up to be Hipsters?

  10. Stephanie I.

    Stephanie, my thoughts exactly!!! (Must be the Stephanie thing)

  11. Chad

    This is awful.

  12. Wolfsbane


    Not awful, just pointless. None of the drawings capture the style, essence or spirit of the cartoon characters. They aren’t drawn as adults in the original style. To to my thinking it’s pointless to have done this.

  13. tony

    how in the hell does this make any sense, its just random drawings with famous cartoons next to them, in no way whatsoever does it look like it would be them as grownups.

  14. Dan


    This is the same response I had looking at this. Take away the clothes and there’s nothing to tie them to their original image.

    I mean Arnold… come on. Bad

  15. erica


  16. Jade

    Why did you make them all hipsters?

  17. Thomas

    Yea.. I agree with Dave.. sorry :( You are talented but seriously?! When I saw “Cartoon Characters All Grown Up” I thought they would at least still have similar physical features..

    Sorry but Yea, WTF mate!?

  18. benji

    i agree with plenty of the comments here i grow up with these cartoons and i have a big reallt big creative and imaginative mind so… none of this is what i will imagine they event look like the characters is just ur art work and i dont like it sorry wht respect

  19. Hannnnah

    I’m so glad to see other people thought they looked liked hipsters.

    Like what the actual fuck. That is the worst kind of thing you could EVER compare to these cartoon characters. Plus hipsters are just fucking stupid in general so yeah

  20. HeyApplebox

    How come every time someone has to re-imagine characters from any animated series, it’s almost always hipsters? Don’t get me wrong the artwork is great. But the scarfs and peacoats and general douche-bag expressions is just too much. Why can’t there be downvotes?!

  21. Dan

    Some unnecessarily harsh feedback here isn’t there?

    Just found this page on Stumble so no idea if original creators are likely to see the comments on it but still, I like to critique…

    Brittany – you show good attention to light and a pleasing level of detail, your designs are actually showing a lot of the personality of the original characters.

    They are all kind of hipstery, yeah… but if that’s your fashion, go with it!

    I think your style could benefit from experimentation with less complete outlines (for example as you have with Tom’s jawline instead of a complete outline of the head with the other characters) and getting some shading onto the clothes. It looks a little odd having light and shadow on the skin tones but not the fabrics. How simplified the lighting should be is up to your experiments. And fabrics can be fun to paint. xD

    It would also be really interesting to see you using the characters fucked up proportions and aging them (someone mentioned Arnold’s head for example). Or even copying their original styles as some have asked for – who knows, the process might inform your style, and even if it doesn’t you will still be practicing your character and design skills.

    But yeah, don’t worry about nonconstructive feedback, this is good work – but an artists job is never done, get back to drawing! ;)


  22. sana

    I hate this so much..You need a real 90’s kid to be able to make all the cartoons grown up. I see no resemblance of them whatsoever especially considering “rugrats all grown up” was made you could obviously tell who there were. Hello Arnold was called football head for reason…maybe if you used the term if 90’s cartoons were real it might fit this genre of pictures better

  23. Brenda

    They are like the handsome version but I would prefer the realistic one.

  24. Jonat

    Why did Gerald grow up to be Childish Gambino?

  25. Zane

    The renderings are all great.

    Buuuutttt… they don’t look anything like the original characters. Hey Arnold’s head doesn’t even look like it was even given an attempt at making it football shaped. The same goes for all of them.

    And their individual styles also don’t seem to be captured well.


  26. Raquel

    It says in the caption that these are HER renderings of the characters. So she sees them all as chic-20-somethings? That’s her imaginative process. I thought they were all beautifully done. Who are any of you to say what art is? My goodness.

  27. Danya

    Omg…this is genius <3

  28. bingbingwa

    SO which characters lost their virginity to who?

  29. Kandosii

    Amazingly Arnold’s head has changed shape…

  30. HipstersSuck

    Magic Schoolbus: Faggot Hipster Edition

  31. Elissa

    Magic School Bus: College needs to be a real thing

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  34. jbalz

    These are absolutely horrible.

  35. Kwess Chin

    i wouldn’t recognise any of them, except maybe Kiki, but that’s because she has a cat and a stick.

  36. heh

    And so Gerald grew up to be Lenny Kravitz

  37. woodstock

    they all grew up to be hipsters? fucken idiots

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  39. Kanra

    Why do they all look like hipsters?

  40. Zach

    More like cartoon characters as douchy hipsters

  41. Laronda Tarmony

    I dont think that their face and head features would jus change

  42. Melissa Martinez

    I love how their all hipsters chucky even has a coffe cup… Tommy has his camera, pepper Ann just looks awful.

    I guess Arnold isn’t a football head anymore now that he’s apparently a construction worker now with his sweet tool belt? Or is that another cool hipster look to accompany his new sweet hair to show he’s a production person on indie festivals and jazz festivals (hence his shirt).

    But why does Gerald look like he’s a professional in his 30’s and yet helga and Arnold look barley out of college. This was just all out of whack.

    Someone just wanted to draw their favorite kid shows in cute 80’s and hipster dresses, rompers, and guy ensembles.

    But next time hopefully someone will do this while staying true to the characters vs thinking about nick cartoons going to coahella.

  43. Aaron

    So everyone grows up into a hipster?

  44. Jak


  45. anon

    you didnt keep any of their traits, they just look like normal people, and all the guys from rugrats nailed Angelica, Susie scared all da white boys haha. But seriously these are just pictures of normal looking people. Plus Japan made a movie about hey arnold when he grows up and he married helga.

  46. PeAcE_sMoKeR!


  47. david

    so chucky is gay?

  48. Chantal Seguin

    almost ALL their heads changed shape!!! so its grow up and get plastic surgery???

  49. suesuelu

    wow guys way to be rude. You have no right to tell someone their art looks horrible. This is the way the artist sees them and its their style. yes there are different styles of art not all art looks the same. so fuck off and find something better to do.

  50. bingbingwa

    the 3rd on is disturbing. Probably eats granola bars and rides a unicycle to work.

  51. craig

    Did tommy pickles grow up to be drake from uncharted?

  52. Dalton w.

    Gerald looks like Donald Glover

  53. js

    Guess what? The artist put their material up for the public to see. The public has a right to express opinions. If you don’t like it, too damn bad.

    The style is alright, in that is has clean lines, but looks to me as if it’s either heavily photo referenced or lightboxed a lot of the images. That is not talent, that is tracing. Any four year old can do that. Some aspects of the section of “culture” that influenced the aesthetic choices are okay, but taking it to the extreme looks terrible. Did you live through the 80s? They were crap. No one should want to go back. And Chucky looks like a gay drug dealer I used to know who was addicted to Ketamine. (Special K). If people want to make fun of that, or that the ages and details of the characters are off (shouldn’t Tommy’s dog be dead?) THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO, and you can just learn to deal with it.

  54. EnriqueLibre

    soooo Gerald is Donald Glover?

  55. Arnold May II


  56. Kristina Hughes

    So beautiful.. Love them all…

  57. Odetofear

    they don’t look anything like the original cartoon. Lame.

  58. No1Special

    How did all these grotesque children grow up to be attractive?

  59. [Insert Witty Name Here]

    *cough* puberty

  60. Kritika Jaiswal

    Cartoon creation is very nice art, these are all very good cartoons. i love cartoons.

  61. Tanjiandfriends

    you do realize he is still football head but his head is up the right way now?

  62. Tanjiandfriends

    quit bellyaching, this is how ONE PERSON interpreted the theme. ONE BLOODY PERSON. this is one individual’s work, stop acting like they have gone back and changed the shows and films.