Would you pay almost a hundred bones to find out the meaning of life? That’s what designer Aled Lewis is charging for it. Of course like most things that sound too good to be true, it definitely is. Kind of like those low calorie potato chips that cause anal leakage. You see, you need more than just cash to learn the meaning of life—you need impossibly amazing vision too. The Meaning of Life Eye Chart starts off with, “The meaning of life is quite simply…” and then gets way too blurry to read from there. Like “so drunk you mistake a lamppost for a handsome gentleman caller who wants to take you to Paris” blurry. Again, another thing I should have known was too good to be true—no one wants to sit next to me on a plane for that long!


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Via: theawesomer.com


  1. Tabitha

    I think it says ” the meaning of live is quite
    simply to be what we make it”
    I’m not to sure tho on the last two lines but it’s my best guess.

  2. Hells champion

    No. If you count the letters you have four extra. /:

  3. Hells champion

    I think it says, “The meaning of life is quite simply the meaning of life”