Back in 1997 North Carolina artist Clark Whittington began converting retired cigarette vending machines into the Art-O-Mat, which dispenses original works of art from various artists. Now there are over 90 Art-O-Mat Vending Machines across the country. Art really should be more easily accessible than Funyuns and Mountain Dew. We got kids choking down so many Cheetos (located at B-4. I am guilty of eating a lotta Cheetos myself, though I am more of a Dorito kinda girl) that they don’t know art or culture from Katy Perry’s dumb outfits. JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE WEARING A DAMN CUPCAKE FOR A DRESS DOESN’T MAKE YOU AN ARTIST!

Find an Art-O-Mat Machine near you or order an Art-O-Carton from the online store.

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