Imagine for a moment that you’ve broken the law. Maybe you stole a fraction of a cent from a billion different bank accounts, or maybe you finally snapped and punched that annoying kid next door that keeps leaving his bike in your driveway. Whatever your imaginary crime may be, think about how you would feel while getting your mugshot taken. While staring into the lens of the camera, you would surely feel compelled to think about the set of circumstances that led you to get arrested, and your facial expression would surely reflect those emotions. Now imagine that someone made a painting of that mugshot and sold it on the internet. Karin Jurick did just that to 100 convicts. The 4″x4″ portraits were done with oil paints on masonite, and Jurick completed one painting a day for 100 days. We only have one unanswered question – what did that guy in the bottom right hand corner do? Whatever it was, he seems pretty happy about it.

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