Don’t know the difference between a peep toe and a d’orsay? Chances are, if you don’t, then you just don’t care. Though if you’ve often sat around wishing you knew a little more about shoes for when you’re among your style-minded pals, this poster should help you out.  Available from Etsy, The Shoes Appreciation Society lays out several popular shoe types in a handy infographic so you don’t look like a total nerd while shopping. On the other hand, shoe addicts everywhere should love having this putting this on display in their pad.

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  1. sparkles

    third from the bottom right hand side aren’t all stars – they’re chuck taylors.

    didn’t do the research.

  2. madvibes

    Actually, sparkles, those shoes are Chuck Taylor All-Stars. You’re both right. I know them as Chucks.

  3. KParker

    First of all, the name should be “The Shoe Appreciation Society” instead of “Shoes”. Secondly, the colors are unattractive and the white silhouettes are so aesthetically lacking and off-putting. On to the actual content:

    – No kitten heel? That’s an overlooked classic.
    – No box/square toe?
    – The “mule” looks more like a type of clog or bedroom slipper.
    – I can’t take the time to list all of the things wrong with what passes for a “platform” here.
    – While that may technically be a “slingback”, generally the heel is much lower.
    – The “wedge” here is completely wrong and misleading.
    – The “all-star” should simply be referred to as a high-top.
    – And the “country boot”?? Uhh, do you mean “Western” or “cowboy”??

    Jeez. Just off the top of my head, I can think of half a dozen other classic shoes not represented here.

    This effort was made by and for people who, in all actuality, do NOT appreciate shoes enough to have learned anything about them beyond a little basic common knowledge.

  4. Monica


    Well. I am glad that eveyone likes this poster so much. (NOT)

    @KParker– The poster was made from someone in Brazil, if you would click through the link. So that might just account for the fact that not all the correct name are there. (AKA the Country Boots.) And, The kitten heel IS on there. It was one of the first ones I saw.
    I personally like the colors. In color theory, blue, white and coral DO go together.
    There are several name for the All Star, as that is already been pointed out by madvibes. Chucks and High-Tops come to mind. No one is perfect.
    What the creator referred to a wedge might be what a wedge is in Brazil, NOT in America.
    And do you really think that the creator could get ALL the classic shoes on ONE poster?? Try and stay in reality here!

    Anyway. I personally like the poster and would buy it if I had the money. So.

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