We’ve said it before, when it’s not swirly flowers and words like “Love” and “Peace,” light art can be pretty cool. Filled with “sketches” of bikes, rooms, people and other cool junk, Brian Hart’s (вrıan нarт) light drawing gallery contains the type of cool doodles you’d expect to find in a moleskin sketchbook. But what’s even more impressive, Hart creates finished pieces composed of as many as 80 individual photos that come together to create one larger light drawing. The piece above titled Dark Water took several weeks of planning and 4 hours to take the exposures. So keep that in mind before you pull out your lighter and start “drawing” random crap without a plan. I don’t want to see any more swirly nonsense, okay internet?

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  1. Spencer Haley

    Lol @ no more swirly nonsense, internet.

  2. James Mallindine

    The red one is pretty cool, it looks like its from the Lion King