The last thing you want to come out of your sweet child’s mouth is “Look mom, I built a meth lab!” Needless to say, this LEGO creation is NSFK. Redditor GaryIsYourDotCom claims this recreation of the world of AMC’s Breaking Bad was done by his friend. Riiiight, the same friend who left their stash in his gym locker just before it was raided. Gary—I mean, his friend’s—attention to detail is excellent. There’s Gale’s coffee machine, Gustavo Fring with a giant piece of chicken and even the pure blue crystal meth.

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  1. Christy


  2. Richard Ives

    THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME I WANT ONE NOW HOW DO I GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jasons

    built in one sitting,.eh?…EH??? [snif]

  4. Gabrielle

    I wish I could remember the site that was selling [them], not sure if it was one set that was being sold or several.. Anyway, they were asking $325.- and were (of course) sold out.

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