One day, mankind will become extinct. It probably won’t happen for a very long time, but it’s going to happen sooner or later. When we’re gone, who will drink our fine wines and wear our fancy clothes? Birds, that’s who. These wall trays show off scenes from that future. Each tray shows a bird’s head on a human body, and each one is enjoying the finer things in life. Whether you think of these trays as a glimpse into the future or a statement about how finery is for the birds, we can all agree on one thing; there’s nothing more entertaining than a bird wearing a bow tie!

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  1. Angela I. Blackmer

    I saw these in a department store in Stockholm. There are many beautiful designs. I really want one. But I can’t find where to purchase them online — the link above didn’t work. Who makes the trays? Maybe they have their own web site…

  2. Angela I. Blackmer

    Whoops, it’s only the amazon link that didn’t work. Found it! Yay!

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