These are some of the creations from Etsy artist EBPearce. As you can see she needs to lay off the sauce dresses up giant beetles as characters from movies. In this case, all your favorites from Jurassic Park, but she does custom orders as well. Hey, I like to put little outfits on my dogs. Einstein has more bow ties than the Brooks Brothers and Chloe just got braces to fix her under-bite. So obviously I can’t hate on people who dress up their pets. But beetles are not pets so this is kinda inexcusable. Besides, the concept of dressing up a giant beetle in a costume? That’s the kind of idea I come up with when I’m tripping balls. And in those moments, all I can do is pray nobody can actually see my thoughts because, if they could, they’d realize just how bad I was wigging out and probably call my mom.

Thanks to the Royal Angel King for the tip. All he wears is a majestic fur lined cloak. Okay, plus some socks (his feet get cold easy).

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  1. Billy

    Where The F**k is Dr. Grant????