Artist Nicholay Nicholay Lamm created this 3-D printed Barbie that more accurately represents the average 19 year old American girl. The realistic-er one totally looks great, but I gotta ask: why’s everyone always hating on Babs? I mean, the poor woman’s already had her sham of a marriage exposed, she’s got a serious hoarding problem, AND the whole world’s seen her make up-less photos. Can’t we just give her a break? Besides, we all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts anyway and you know what? Both of those dolls are empty. So just think about that! Yeah! Was that deep? I feel like that was pretty deep.





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  1. WTF

    Omg look at the ass on that Barbie! Do we have to go from one extreme to the other? Really???

  2. Bob

    ^^^^ LOLOL that chick is just mad she doesn’t have a donk. Or that guy likes pancake booties

  3. Bob

    ^^^^ LOLOL that chick is just mad she doesn’t have a donk. Or that guy likes pancake booties. “O…m…g…..Becky look at her but!”

  4. Ramjet


  5. Wolf


  6. Amy K Brown

    I think this is a terrific idea – though the arms on the natural version are a little short for her body. Regardless, I love it!!

  7. Really

    Damn that is horrible. Fat Barbie…. What a shame. What crap.

  8. rainbows and butterflys!


  9. Reality is not play

    I’ve never developed inferiority complexes as an adult playing with Barbie when I was a child. Reality is not play, is not childhood, is not dream, nor fancy. A realistic Barbie is like telling that in order to defeat her stepsisters and stepmother, Cinderella called the Union of the Waitresses denouncing labor abuses going on strike, rather than dance with Prince Charming. Probably, “artist Nicholay Nicholay Lamm” was never been a child, sorry for him.

  10. Rosy

    Even in fantasy children use play as a way of learning. Barbie is not a magical princess unicorn, she’s supposed to be a woman so why do they need to have anorexic, disproportionately figured, over sexualised dolls to play with?

  11. fu_q

    It’s not “Fat Barbie” it’s goddamn realistic Barbie. No girl actually looks like Barbie. If you expect most girls to have the proportions of Barbie you are 5000% insane.

  12. RegularPerson

    No one looks like either of those. The second one is equally as bad as the first. Also making “heavy” the average is good for any one. Why can’t we have a normal weight barbie?