In case you’re like me and can’t get your head on straight about which is which, the left brain is the math/science/logical side and the right brain is the art/music/creative side. Obviously we tend to skew pretty far towards the right-brain around these parts, but we respect all types of brain power and have a special place in our hearts for science and chess. But normally it’s hard for us passionate, visual, artsy types to wrap our brains around the left-brain vs right-brain concept because it’s never presented in a way we can relate to. Finally, Mercedes Benz has put it into black and white… along with fuchsia and yellow and all kinds of vivid colors. The Left Brain/Right Brain Project illustrates the differences between left brain thinkers and right brain thinkers though powerful artwork, comparing coders to painters and computer geeks to musicians. So which side of the artwork appeals to your brain? Organized, logical patterns or an explosion of color and movement?

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