After a long day on the job, all you wanna do is get home, kick off your shoes and rest your feet up on your Chicken Footstool. Wait, what? I must be having an acid flashback or I landed in some kinda alternate universe where chickens are footstools and footstools taste good fried up with a side of waffles. At any rate, here in Bizarro World we’ve got these Chicken Footstools by The City Girl Farm. Just like snow flakes, every one is different. One-of-a-kind, you could say. Must be why they’re going for $650+. That’s not a poultry price.

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  1. Melia

    I went to college with her! Hehehehe! I’m so glad she was recognized for such a cute and original design.

  2. Sally Jane

    Thanks for the post, Brittany. It is so funny to see how other people describe our chickens. My favorite line is: Just like snow flakes, every one is different. Mind if I swipe that? 🙂

    [Hi Melia!]

  3. Brittany High

    Sally Jane – swipe away, it’s all yours!

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