If you ever took the time to observe them, you’d realize that insects can be pretty fascinating (especially when they cosplay). Of course most of us are far too busy marching through our own lives to ever notice. But Bernardo Vercelli of Quiet Ensemble observed the movements of a variety of insects and traced their steps in his series Biografie. Each drawing in the series captures the behavior of ants, spiders, and other bugs that Vercelli followed for 50 minutes. From the drawings you can kind of imagine what the bugs were thinking. The spiders stick to the corners looking for prey, the cockroach skitters across the page in all directions, and the green shield bug is clearly drunk. You might laugh, but there’s probably a higher being tracing all of our steps and laughing at us scurrying from home to work (then to the bar) every day. So remember, every time you forget your keys you look just as dumb as the shield bug.



Green Shield Bug:

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