There’s a lake in Tanzania that’s so creepy and mysterious you’d expect it to be something out of a horror story. Any creature that touches it appears to turn to stone. This strange occurrence is thanks to the unusual pH levels of the lake. According to photographer Nick Brandt the soda and salt in the lake calcifies the animals and preserves them. Wait, too much soda and salt can turn you into stone? Apparently I’ve been working on slowly petrifying myself for years. Anyway, you can see more of these eerie photos in Brandt’s book Across the Ravaged Land.

Update: To clarify, the preservation process doesn’t happen instantly. Photographer Nick Brandt posed all of the animals he found to create these haunting photos.





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  1. saracmd

    Hahah nice one. Great photoshop skills!

  2. AnastasiaSoon2BCarter

    ****saracmd….you’re an idiot! This book is for sale on Amazon!

    Across the Ravaged Land


    – September 24, 2013


    Nick Brandt


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  3. Angie.Evan.

    really creepy. poor creatures.

  4. derp

    Misleading headline is misleading. Maybe include a few more facts in your next article.

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