You might remember this USA stereotype map, in which one American designer poked fun at his own country. Well this map does one better. The World According to the USA Map takes shots at the entire world from an American (civilized world) point of view. Courtesy of a project titled, “Mapping Stereotypes,” some of them are awfully mean, while others are only mean if you’re very sensitive and/or crazy patriotic. Like Italy=Godfathers, Romania=Dracula, Turkey=Thanksgiving Dinner. Read at your own risk.

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  1. L

    Here is a map made by actual Americans, though it was never said what part of the Americas they are from. I presume the United States, mainly because people have the weird notion that if you are from Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, or other countries in the Americas you are not really American.

  2. DB

    I don’t get the vegitarians one for canada, although that might be cus im from portland which is pretty much 70% vegans so no one really makes fun of people like that except for ourselves, yep. And how is canada and mexico and brazil part of Anerica?

  3. N

    @DB I shall assume you are not joking and ask you to say what continents Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Chile are apart of…

  4. Charlie

    I love how foreigners will so quickly bash America and Americans yet it is quite common for people from any country located in South, Central or North America to want to be identified as “American”. This point usually pops up only after you’ve been goaded into an argument about governmental policy and been ridiculed for your “evil ways”. If you refer to an American any member of the entire world population will think of the US, nothing else. Even if you think it is technically errant (which it is not) it is a widely accepted nomenclature. You are identified by your country of origin– not your continent. Therefore people from the United States of AMERICA– are Americans. People from CANADA are Canadians. People From CHILE are Chileans and so forth. To put it like a true American “Quit yer snivellin'”.

  5. rosito


  6. Knorkasthur


  7. Christy

    Most Americans would not be able to get even as accurate asthis

  8. CoCo

    Canadian/Canuck speaking here
    gotta agree with DB about not understanding the vegetarian part about Canada…that’s a really odd, yet dumb name…so however did the map should realize that there are Canadians outside of Vancouver, which sounds like the only place they must have been to…or likely someone told them…and seriously, if they were only in BC, they should have at least come up with something to do with marijuana

  9. Breenette

    😐 Joke or not I find this offending as an American.

  10. James

    Everyone disrespects the USa – just quietly. It’s shallow, mean, money grabbing, decietful, porn soaked, hey they even have a foul term they use, it’s motherf**cker. Such a nice place !!

  11. James

    I just saw the post above by rosito. See what i mean ! ???

  12. Lance

    Charlie: go search what a pars pro toto means. Don’t blame other countries because yours was not quite as creative when they came up with a name and instead opted to hijack the name of an entire continent universally described as such on geography and maritime maps.

    I think the biggest joke in this picture is an average American being able to identify more than 2 countries on a world map.

  13. Diana

    This is really funny but I can’t read all the labels. Any way of getting a read out or list of the country labels?

  14. AMB

    I come from a cosmopolitan and metropolitan place, which was the biggest city of he world in 1975 -hint, in the so-called Third World, and yet when I was at an English boarding school in the 1970s these supposedly cultured educated people asked me if I rode a donkey to school and if we had refrigerators and air-conditioning. Willful ignorance comes from discrimination and racism which is found eveywhere.

  15. Chris

    Excuse YOU L, N, and Lance… You might like to fancy yourselves as intellectually superior to us in the U.S. but your complete ignorance of history belies that point. I, am an AMERICAN, and I can name most countries on earth and their capitals and largest cities. Geography was my favorite subject. And the reason some Americans might be ignorant of geography is because our country is so huge and rich most don’t HAVE to care about the world. And about that “America” thing you all love to snipe about. BLAME YOURSELVES! The rest of the world started calling the British colonies America LONG BEFORE THE USA EXISTED! We didn’t start that, you ignorant toadstools. We didn’t “hijack” it, as Lance falsely claims. It was started long before we declared independence. It was long ago accepted that America primarily referred to the British Colonies ONLY. It was FAR from “universally” accepted on maritime maps, sorry. So you see Lance, it really IS other countries’ fault you ignorant hack. You better rethink your supposed intelligence… And there is NO continent called America, there are two geographically different continents, one called North America, and one called South America (duh). You are also in the wrong James. The porn industry is THRIVING all over the world and I bet you would be shocked at how much Chinese people gamble and what their companies do for money. Also, Americans didn’t invent the word MF. That comes from the southern European regions and was the worst insult one can imagine. In any case, blacks and Hispanics have adopted that very strongly (what does that tell you about the character of these people and their ability to maintain civilization? Probably nothing). So in short, it is better to keep your mouth shut and let everyone THINK you a fool that it is to open it and REMOVE all doubt!!

  16. Charlie

    Thanks Lance. I actually expected someone to comeback with that way sooner, but now is good too I guess. You people are more desperate to be known as “american” than vegans are anxious to let people know how great they are. Thanks Again for helping me to prove my point. Also, flippant insults tend to weaken an argument. Just something to keep in mind.

    P.S. I can’t speak for the rest of the…….. America but I could name at least a few more than two. My only question is: Why would I ever want to?

  17. Chris

    One final point before I let this go for good (rather than waste my time worrying about anti-American internet trolling/bashing from people I will never know)… The name of our country is not “United States” nor is it “America.” The name of it is “United States of America. In the early days, the Founders referred themselves mostly by the state they lived in… Virginian, New Yorker, Pennsylvanian, Vermonter, Marylander, etc… By the way, do you guys also hate the E.U.??? Or is it only the U.S.A. that’s wrong about everything??? I mean let’s face it… They weren’t creative enough to call their organization anything unique and they hijacked the name Europe…

  18. Aaaaa

    I’m a savage?

  19. Bubblez

    Hello to all who read this. I am a vegetarian sorry wait that’s wrong a Canadian lol Born and raised on good values and a good education with free health care to boot!!

    To Chris who posted about how he/she knows about geography and such.. Just wondering what part of the USA and nationality you are because that has everything to do with your education. You are more then likely a middle class or above white person. Reason I think this is because unfortunately the USA does not like to provide proper education to the lower ethnic classes.

    check the link
    you can also google statistics about your own country regarding this.

    Cases of Government secrets are out in regards to testing radio active particles on school children and pregnant women in USA government housing projects. Don’t believe me just google it.

    Unfortunately the average person in the US is not the issue at all but the puppeteers that run it. I know that my government is a bunch of lying, deceitful, USA A$$ kissers. But at least I get an awesome education and FREE yes FREE health care. I am going to use a word now that American’s believe is devil talk “SOCIALISM” socialism is not at all the way the USA thinks it is where everyone gets the same of the same of the same… NOT TRUE . here in Canada we work for our money the same way people in the States do. The only difference is that our health care is socialized so that even the POOR people can get the care they need. And not have to worry about medical bills killing them later.

    The reason American’s believe that every other country wants to be like them is because your government has taught you to believe so. Please review the following link and you may feel different about your attitude towards other countries.

    I know for a FACT that the majority of Canadian’s want to take a knife and cut on the dotted line of the US-Canadian Border and send the US out to sea with their war mongering, capitalist views and morals.

    I am a Canadian that eats MEAT and shoots wild life for food. Drinks beer, occasionally watches PORN and swears. What I do not do is be ignorant to the fact that I do not live in a perfect country and NEITHER should anyone else.

    BTW if the USA was so “star spangled awesome” why spend $700 BILLION on war when you can stop hunger with a 1/3 of that money? Reason … starving people do not generate money for the rich people!!

  20. Carrie

    Now, now everyone! It was only semi-self-deprecating joke. “The world, according to Americans”. The artist was using the mass media created, collective, (albeit ignorant) mindset that the majority possesses. I suppose I could see how some of the labels for the other countries could be offensive, because they are generalizing and an unfitting title for most of the people who live there. But that’s just it. The jokes on the US, for being uneducated of other foreign cultures, only knowing Mcdonalds, mickey mouse and Football. I am from the US, and I could think of plenty of better labels for naming the US, other than ‘ciilized’. Most people everywhere are all the same, when it gets down to it. We just grow different crops and enjoy different landscapes.
    And to bubblez, you guys shouldn’t say that you want to cut us apart! That makes me sad, because most people I know, and myself LOVE and appreciate our northern neighbors.

  21. Virginia

    Hello all, specially Chris:

    Please understand that I do not mean to insult anyone, I just want to clarify facts:

    1. Chris, I am sorry to inform you that “America” or “The Americas” has never been used to refer to the British Colonies only. In fact, it primarily referred only to what today is known as South America. The name America is an homage to Americo Vespucio, an Italian sailor that travelled the world in the times of Columbus. Martin Waldseemüller, a german humanist and cartographer, was the first person to ever call your continent America. Actually, the first part of America to be called America on a map was South America.

    2. I am afraid it is not true that if you refer to an American everyone in the world automatically thinks about someone from the USA. When we refer to your country in Spain we just say “United States” (Estados Unidos), although we might call it the United States of America or even of North America in a more formal context. But generally it is just the United States. It is true, however, that we tend to call the citizens of this country Americans, but it mainly because of two things: first, you call yourselves that and we are used to hearing it from you, second, it is much shorter that the more accurate word “estadounidenses”.

    3. There seems to be a controvery about whether America is one continent or three. When I was in school, they taught us that it was just one continent subdivided in 3 parts: North, Central and South America. I guess it doesn´t really matter whether it is one or three. In any case, if we accept that North America is a continent in itself, Mexico and Canada are also part of it, and therefore, they are also americans.

    Hope it helped!

  22. Beaugrand

    Here is the Acid Test to determine how we should self-identify: go to one of the tribal areas in Pakistan, or another part of the world where the US is despised, and tell everyone you meet “I’m an American.”

    If you wimp out and say “I’m Canadian” or “I’m Mexican,” or identify by whatever other North or South American country you come from, you don’t deserve to call yourself “American.”

  23. Darlene

    It’s not wimping out to say I’m Canadian because I am Canadian. I have never referred to myself as American nor has any other Canadian I know. I live on the continent of North America but I am not American and I don’t want to be.

  24. Ahmed

    This is hilarious! I am an Arab and I really think you all need to relax and have fun! This map is meant for fun and not to insult anyone. What happened to having a sense of humor? What a bunch of uptights! Wow!

  25. Janice

    All the talk here about why Americans are called Americans, hijacking, what the colonies were called, what the continents are called, etc., is all beside the point.

    Americans are called Americans because the name “United States” does not lend itself easily to any term for its citizens. “United Statesian” is extremely awkward. “Canadian”, “Mexican”, “Brazilian”, “Chilean”, are not. So “American” is the commonly accepted word to denote a citizen of the United States of America. And when someone else says they’re “Canadian” or “Mexican” or “Brazilian”, anyone with half a brain knows that they are from a continent which has the word “America” in its name. So big whoop. What’s the big problem? It’s only a big problem in the minds of those who resent the US and want to find any excuse, no matter how flimsy, to criticize it.

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  27. hist

    yea so cool

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