This year really has been incredible, thanks to designers, artists, and random weirdos on the internet. We’ve featured awesome products, inspiring artwork, and a bunch of other really crazy stuff. Here’s a look back at some of the most popular posts on Incredible Things in 2012.

15. Star Wars Style: R2-D2 Shoes

New York based artist Kara Setkiewicz created custom painted TOMS based on R2-D2. Mar 23, 2012

14. CRACK KILLS: Super Sexy Butt Cleave Dress

The “Super Sexy Dress” by Etsy seller LinaSpyroS lets you show off your, um, assets. Feb 13, 2012

13. Sexy LEGO Ads Are For Adults Only

StillAd came up with this unofficial, highly suggestive series of LEGO ads for adults. Sep 25, 2012

12. Show Some Leg: Anatomical Muscle Leggings

Black Milk Clothing created these anatomical muscle leggings that make it look like you’re skin is see-through. Feb 8, 2012

11. A Map of the World According to America

The World According To Americans is a poster designed to make fun of the ignorance (and elitism) of Americans when it comes to the rest of the world. Aug 17, 2012

10. WTF: Real Life Barbie Girl

Ukranian woman Valeria Lukyanova has undergone surgery to look like a real life Barbie doll. Apr 26, 2012

9. Star Trek Insignia Pasties

These gold satin pasties with rhinestone trim are shaped like the Star Trek Insignia. Mar 1, 2012

8. Pizza Vending Machine Coming To The US!

The Let’s Pizza vending machine creates a 10.5” pizza in about 3 minutes. Jun 14, 2012

7. Night Terrors Guaranteed: Zombie Bedding

The Horror Zombie bedding collection by Melissa Christie includes pillowcases, a sheet set, and a duvet cover—or you can order items individually. Jan 31, 2012

6. Wakey Wakey Eggs & Bakey: Morning Mug

The Morning Mug “wakes” up when a hot beverage is poured in. Jan 3, 2012

5. It’s Morphin Time! Power Ranger Hoodie

Power Ranger fan Shoebasket created these mighty fine hoodies. Jan 27, 2012

4. The Ugly Contest Lives Up To Its Name

Every year people compete in the Ugly Competition in Bilbao, Spain. The entrants don’t have to be ugly per se—they just have to be able to make a really ugly face. Sep 4, 2012

3. Garish, Gross and Gruesome Garden Gnomes

Garden gnomes were big in 2012. Noticing this trend we put together a list of some of the craziest garden gnomes we could find. Jan 18, 2012

2. 20 Super Geeky Weddings

We took a look at some of the geekiest weddings ever, including themes like Mario, The Hunger Games, and Minecraft. June 5, 2012

1. Damn Yeah Magical Glowing Cocktails!

Aurora Jungle-Juice is a cocktail created by The Campus Companion Party Lab that’s glows under a blacklight. Aug 15, 2012

Thanks to all of our readers for making 2012 such a great year. We hope 2013 is even more incredible!

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