Regardless of your opinions about taxidermy, most people would probably agree that some taxidermists go too far. The line of what’s considered “too far” might vary a bit from person to person, but generally when a piece of taxidermy stirs controversy—or even in some cases breaks laws—then it probably crosses that line. Check out these incredibly strange examples of taxidermy gone wild.

Mutant Endangered Species

If you’re first reaction when you see Enrique Gomez De Molina’s hodge podge of creatures is “That ain’t right.” then you might be relieved to know that the law agrees with you. He could be facing jail time and $250,000 in fines for obtaining endangered species illegally. Source

Real Life Mario Brothers Koopa Taxidermy

Ever wonder what the enemies in Super Mario Bros would look like in real life? Now you don’t have to thanks to Darick Maasen. Source

Cat Helicopter

Everyone deals with grief differently. Some people cry. Some people emerse themselves in their work. And some people turn their deceased pets into RC toys. At least that’s the route Bart Jansen took when his cat Orville died. Source

Real Piggy Bank

This taxidermied piglet piggy bank costs around $4k. Seems practical. Source

Taxidermy Lighting

Not all taxidermy has to be a piece of decor—it can be something functional. For instance, these lamps by Alex Randall serve two purposes: lighting and creeping out your guests. Source

Goat Bagpipe

Because the first thing I think when I see a dead goat is “I bet that would make beautiful bagpipe music.” Also that I’d like to put my mouth on it. Source

The Badgermin

Of course if the bagpipes aren’t your intstrument, there’s always the Badgermin! Source

Shoes Made of Real Doves

Some people might consider having taxidermy in your home a bit strange, but pretty much everyone you encounter would think you were absolutely nuts for having shoes made out of dead birds… which when you think about it is kinda of funny considering how many of us wear leather. Source

Flower Encrusted Skeletons

This may not be taxidermy in the traditional sense, but the work of Cedric Laquieze takes the art of preserving deceased animals to a new level. Source

Fantasy Creatures

There’s nothing really all that strange about the work of Sarina Brewer—she just takes creatures like griffins and chimeras and fills ‘em with stuffing. Sarcasm aside, I’m pretty sure that griffin is part cat, part chicken, part—actually I don’t really want to know. Source

Beaver Computer Case

What else are you supposed to do with a dead beaver and a bunch of computer parts? Source

TMNT Bebop Taxidermy

From the same artist who brought us the Mario Bros koopa, Darick Maasen has also created a real life representation of Bebop from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Source

Pikachu Taxidermy

Not to be outdone by the guy who created real life Koopas and Ninja Turtle villians, Tokyo art collective ChimPom has created real life versions of Pikachu out of real mice. Source

Taxidermy and Dolls

Taxidermist Andrew Lancaster says “Some people call me sick and some think it’s pretty good.” I’d say his work is pretty good if his goal was to recreate some of my darkest nightmares. Source

Computer Mouse Taxidermy

Freaky or not, you gotta love a good pun. Source

Steampunk Taxidermy

If you’ve ever wanted a wind-up alligator or a cyborg fawn, then does Lisa Black have some great stuff for you. Source

Dead Squirrel Beer

Well that’s one way to deal with the squirrel that keeps throwing acorns at your car… Source

Super Squirrel

…just watch out because he might be a lot stronger than he looks. Source

Demon Skin Rug

No big deal, just something I bagged on my last trip to hell. Source


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    Super Squirrel to the rescue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lilith

    A lot of these I really love! I wish to be a taxidermist, so this display helps me see what could be incorporated. The creativity is astounding!
    BUT some of these just don’t look right and seem almost …offensive if humans could be taxidermied.

  3. ed

    I want to buy a stuffed real squirrelly We’re do I buy them from Please . I seen them in a cafe today n fell in love

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