Walking your dog can be a great way for you and your pup to get some exercise, as well as spend quality time together – especially if you don’t have an invisible fence. Unfortunately, sometimes it feels more like your dog is walking you. Whether you and your dog enjoy pleasant walks together, or Fido drags you down the street behind him, these leashes are sure to make you drool.

Granite Gear Absorber Leash

The Granite Gear Absorber Leash absorbs the shock each time your dog jerks forward, making each walk easier on your arm. Now Spot can run toward the neighbor’s cat without pulling your arm out of its socket!

The Dog Walker’s Dumbells

We’re not really sure why you’d want to try to lift weights while you’re walking your dog, but hey, if you can’t make it to the gym, this leash will help you turn walking the dog into an intense workout.

The Hot Dog Leash

Other dog walkers will take notice of this leash… if you can keep your dog from eating it that is.

Dog Umbrella

Even on rainy days, spot needs his exercise. If your dog hates going for walks in foul weather, the Dog Umbrella will keep them dry and happy.

Lunabrite Dog Leash

Is your dog cute, and obedient enough to be in movies? No? Just get the Lunabrite Dog Leash, and tell people that Rover had a bit part in Tron Evolution!

Power Generating Dog Leash

Don’t let all of Fido’s excess energy go to waste, get the Power-Generating Dog Leash, and put your dog to work. As your dog pulls on the leash, it generates power to charge a LED flashlight to brighten up your evening walk.

Povodokus Gun-Shaped Dog Leash

If your dog won’t behave, bust a cap in his ass with the Povodokus Dog Leash!

Hand Shaped Dog Leash

One day you’ll meet that special someone at the dog park. Until then, just keep holding hands with your dog’s leash.

The Tangle Free Dual Dog Leash

Walking one excitable dog can be difficult, but walking two excitable dogs can be just about impossible. The Tangle Free Dual Dog Leash can make the job a little easier by keeping your dogs from tangling their leashes. Just remember, it won’t keep them from pulling you down the street when they see a squirrel.


Walking your dog can be a lot of fun… right up until they do their business on the neighbor’s lawn. With the Ezeleash, you’ll be prepared for that eventuality thanks to its built in bags, and hand sanitizing spray.


  1. Leashes for Running Your Dog

    Our SportLeash products were inspired by Mr. Sledmaster, the ultimate mushing dog, Griffey (who’s pictured here). Griffey, who treats every leisurely jog as an Iditarod training session, made it well known that, as much of an athlete as I thought I was, he was certainly the best athlete in the family. The problem was running, hiking, even walking with any of the regular or waist leashes on the market was a dreadful, one-handed, cumbersome experience. So, we began to create products geared toward making this experience better. With all of the positive feedback and encouragement to make these available to everyone, the Sportleash brand was born!

  2. Toxic Avenger

    Re: pistol-shaped dog leash – do you want to get shot by a cop? Because that’s how you get shot by a cop.

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