There’s nothing wrong with adding some geeky touches to your special day, like dancing to the Dragonborn song from Skyrim or sending Super Mario wedding invitations. But a theme wedding can get a bit crazy—and there’s nothing wrong with that either. (Because hey, you’re the one who has to live with the ridiculous photos for the rest of your life.) If you’re not sure just how geeky your wedding should be, check out these 20 super geeky weddings.

Super Mario and Princess Peach Wedding

Looks like Mario finally found the right castle and got to marry his princess. Source

Twilight Wedding (They legally changed their name to Cullen)

Sure, Bella had a beautiful dress and there’s nothing wrong with recreating the look of the Twilight wedding, but this couple took things a little too far by changing their last name to Cullen. Yes, you read that right. Some crazy twitard actually convinced her husband to change his last name. Do you think she makes him wear body glitter too? Source

iPad Wedding

Usually wedding officiants reference some kind of holy book, but apparently this couple felt that was a little outdated and upgraded to an iPad. Source

Robot Wedding

What’s even geekier than including an iPad in your wedding ceremony? How about a robot? This Japanese couple’s wedding was officiated by the I-Fairy robot. The couple bonded over a shared interest of robotics so they felt it was fitting. Source

Firefly Wedding … and a Tardis and Princess Leia for some reason

Quite possibly the geekiest couple in the ‘verse, these love birds wed dressed as Firefly characters. But their wedding wasn’t just Firefly themed—they were married by Princess Leia in front of a Tardis and their guests dressed up like all kinds of sci-fi characters. Source

Secret Identity Wedding

At first glance this wedding seems completely traditional, but the groom and groomsmen have secret identities. Source

Hello Kitty Wedding

Hello Kitty has her own house, dentist office, and airline so it’s really no surprise to see a Hello Kitty themed wedding. Source

Zombie Wedding

Instead of a blushing bride, some zombie fans opt for more of a “gushing bride” look… as in there’s blood gushing out of her eyes. Source

Hunger Games Wedding

May the odds be ever in your favor… that you won’t get divorced in a year. Source

Flintstones Wedding

The only wedding in which the groom said “I Yabba Dabba Do!” and the bride didn’t sigh and question her decision. Source

Katamari Damacy Wedding

No, these guys aren’t in a cult, they’re just really big fans of the Katamari Damacy games. Do you think she walked down the aisle to theme song? If so, do you think they’ll mind if I steal that idea for my wedding? Source

Klingon Wedding

I totally get why she didn’t go with a veil—it’s pretty much impossible to find one that properly accentuates a bride’s forehead ridges. Source

Adventure Wedding

Unity candles are so boring and old fashioned. The cool kids these days are getting chased by pirates during their ceremony. Source

Zelda Wedding

If you ask me, this Zelda theme is tasteful and unique without going too far. (A green tunic and cap might have crossed that line.) But if you ask my mother, “There’s no way in hell I’m going to pay for a wedding with bridesmaids dressed like fairies and cartoon slingshots and bombs as centerpieces!” So to each his own I guess. :/ Source

Shrek Wedding

The best part about the couple who dressed like Shrek and Fiona on their wedding day is that their last name is Green. The bride asked her 18-year-old son to dress up as Donkey, but he declined… and then probably wished really hard that he was adopted. Source

Gundam Wedding

“How tall was your wedding arch? Eight feet? I guess that sounds impressive. Us? Oh we got married under a 59 foot tall Gundam.” Source

Superhero Wedding

Unlike the guys who kept their identities hidden until after the ceremony, this couple got married dressed as Superman and Wonder Woman in front of a fortress of solitude altar. While that’s really awesome, comic book fans may not care for the inaccurate pairing of Clark and Diana. Plus you know Lois Lane would interrupt that whole “speak now or forever hold your peace” bit. Source

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Wedding

Every little girl dreams of a fairy tale wedding, but somehow I don’t think this is what they had in mind. Source

Minecraft Wedding

Truly a match made in Minecraft, this wedding looks like it came straight out of the pixellated PC game, even down to the accessories. The bride is wearing an 8-bit pendant and the guys are rocking 8-bit neckties. Source

Star Wars Wedding

A list of geeky weddings wouldn’t be complete without Star Wars. Of all of the Star Wars themed wedding photos posted online (of which there are many), this is our favorite. It’s got everything: Stormtrooper groomsmen, Princess Leia flower girls, and dancing jawas. Source


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    I just luv it…. who says you have to stay within traditional means of a wedding or wedding dress for that matter (gundum wedding) wow awesome

  2. Steph C.

    Star Wars wedding! Woop woop! lol

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    Just WOW on that Cullen wedding.

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