Seen here living up to his name, Chunky the bulldog tests out the World’s First Dog Stairlift. At first I assumed the device was meant for handicapped dogs. You know, the ones who’ve got bad knees or are rockin’ a set of wheels. Turns out it’s actually intended for overweight (read: fatty fat fat) dogs. With the stairlift, all Chunky here needs to do is press the dog friendly “Paw Push” button and hop in the basket which will carefully deliver the big-boned pooch to the next floor. Because God forbid Fido lay off the doggy treats for a little while so he can lose a couple pounds. Lord knows I did and that’s actually a big deal. I’m addicted to Beggin’ Strips!

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  1. Pam Steiner

    I am interested in this. Where can I get one?? I have a lab with a bad hip and she is fearful of steps. Unfortunately ,it is the only way into my house. Can anyone help me?????