This is the Vagina Toaster by Burnt Impressions. It doesn’t toast your lady parts, it toasts an image of a coochie onto your toast. Two completely different products. One doesn’t exist (and shouldn’t), another that does exist (but shouldn’t). The Vagina Toaster sells for just $45 and comes in five different color options: blue, green, powder, red, and yellow. That’s cool. If there’s a person on the market for a toaster that toasts the shape of a vagina onto bread, I imagine they’re gonna want options. Gonna want options, gonna need therapy.



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  1. Kristen Jones

    If your vajayjay looks like that, you may want to see a professional about it… -_-

  2. Tarnished

    Pst…biology lesson;

    Vagina = internal.
    Vulva = external.

    Not that it exactly looks anatomically correct.

  3. Hannyasan

    Thank You!!! No one seems to remember that nowadays….

  4. Daniel Wichers

    Hahaha that’s fanny! ;)
    Eating pussy, probably a stoner invention.

  5. Bong Botrakhmer


  6. OGHAL

    If your bread looks like that, see a baker

  7. Ron Noname

    If her vagina is crusty, she’s too damn old or been going commando in winter. lol

  8. Jess Holla

    At least it’s not called a Pussy Toaster or a C*@t Toaster!!!

  9. Jessica Holland

    I hope there are lots of Yeast Infection jokes about this one!!!

  10. dirtydomokun

    So thats why the room smells like burnt pubes…….

  11. greygooser

    I think she must have used a NO-NO

  12. Condensita

    you have not seen a lot of vajayjays..

  13. bicholaparada

    I saw your momma´s vagina.

  14. Sir Cumfrence

    Thank you, BabyBloodheart! Please refer to my comments under “testicle bike light” and the tea bag thingie! Scrotums are not testicles, and vulvae are not vaginas! Come on, people, this is important stuff! If we can’t get these right, how do you expect us to be able to launch a manned mission to Mars? This isn’t rocket science! (well, the part about going to Mars is, but still…)