Those cell phone ring tones (or worse the honking of an regular alarm clock) are not a very pleasant sound to wake up to. Lucky for me, the shaking of my one of the dogs collars has me up before 7 daily. If you don’t have two adorably cute, early to rise pups, the Acoustic Alarm might be a good option for you. The Acoustic Alarm uses a system of circular picking in order to pluck the guitar strings seen on the front of the device. These strings can be tuned in the same way that one would tune a guitar, simply by turning the pegs on the top-left of the device to either flatten or sharpen the sound. According to designer, the human mind and body is affected by so many various things, and waking up to an annoying noise does not help. Replacing it with this alarm aims wake us up in a much more relaxing manner. I wonder what he would say about the the sound of “I need to pee. Now get up and take me out before I go right. here” …

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