In Ass-Backwards News Of The Day, this is Cannabis Incense by HEM. It’s incense that smells like marijuana, which is the opposite of what incense is supposed to smell like. Clearly, the person who came up with this was high – or just obsessed with the smell of marijuana. Like a regular person, I’m usually trying to get the scent of ganj OUT of my apartment. The rest of the time, I’m just too stoned to care. “Whatever, they can take me to jail! I just took the fattiest bong rip, gorged myself on pizza, and that pot brownie I ate’s about to kick in,” I can often be found screaming to no one in particular. But sometimes it’s to the TV and other times, the cats.

If you live in the neighboring country of Canada, you would be pleased to know there are also many Canadian mail order weed stores selling all kinds of marijuana product types. Browse around and read some reviews before choosing a dispensary.


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  1. Grovvy

    where can I.found them to buy ?

  2. Alcibiades

    This is fucking stupid. This incense doesn’t even smell like marijuana. Whoever wrote this was high.

  3. black ghöst

    In the voice of E.T.: “Idddddiot…idddddddddddiot”

  4. Ellen

    Your article is stupid and to be bragging about being high is to

  5. Senrie Castillo

    I looked up this incence online since I bought them and I wanted to see if it would be useful to cover the smell of marijuana (I don’t really smoke, just curious). It actually does not smell like weed at all. Smells nice though. So yeah, read the book first, don’t just judge the cover ✌

  6. Nathaniel Robert Hunt

    Its made to be a legal substitute offering to Hindu Gods that in India traditionally got burnt offerings of real cannabis , hence why its mostly found in Hindu shops and was pounced on by hippies

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